What is a Mentor?

Mentors are volunteers: friendly players who are familiar with our Terms of Service and have in-game knowledge. These are volunteers that have contacted us and showed an interest in helping their fellow players with the time and dedication it takes to visit servers and make themselves available.

Along with the right personality and game knowledge, we empower our Mentors to contact some R2Games staff on a variety of basic issues. This provides a speedy and complete understanding of the issue on a server-wide and game-wide basis when reporting back to R2Games.

What is the purpose of a Mentor?

To offer in-game help for a multitude of reasons:

-Notify players of current events

-Remind players of expiring items

-Forward player ticket numbers to their game GM

-Forward player suggestions to their game GM

-Giving players tips to improve their game experience

-Assist in making the server atmosphere a safe and pleasant one

-Troubleshoot any issues players may have

-Pinpoint specific forum threads to assist player queries

Mentors are also on the forums to answer simple gameplay questions in-line with the types of questions they see on servers.

What can't Mentors do?

Mentors cannot release confidential information regarding the Mentor program, such as contracts and the terms disclosed in the contract, other volunteers' information, or contact details of any contact they have made through the Mentor program. Mentors also cannot release personal information regarding their identity, personal characters for any player, including their own, or their status within the Mentor program.

Mentors cannot perform mutes or bans. They document infractions and leave the ruling up to official R2Games staff. They provide no opinions or biases on the infractions reported and only have access to the character name they see in-game; they have no access to personal information, account information, ticket history, billing records, or anything connected to the player.

They cannot give personal opinions on a player's build or how one is to play the game. Mentors are there to answer simple gameplay questions, remind players of game mechanics, and monitor behavior. Mentors will not disclose information about other players, mechanics of the game, or personal opinions.

Doesn't this create an unfair advantage?

Mentor status in no way gives an unfair advantage. They are volunteers whose sole purpose is to help other players. There are no in-game benefits that are given to Mentors: their personal characters have the same rules, restrictions, and interactions as every other character.

News and Events are not released to Mentors before it is posted in the forums, so they have no knowledge of any information beforehand.

Mentors in no way receive beneficial treatment from R2Games. We do not prioritize their issues above other players, nor do we endorse any infractions made on the part of a Mentor. In fact, we expect them to behave at a higher standard and their infractions have more severe consequences than a normal player.

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