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Battle Rating Issues

What does BR stand for?


BR stands for Battle Rating, a number that generally shows how strong a player is, especially when compared to other players'. Each game provides a different value for each stat, although the BR-per-stat is generally similar across all games.


BR is not necessarily the best marker for how strong one is. This is a general number that calculates a player's stats. A player may have a high BR, but it may not be the best for a select Class. Actually, a lower BR player can beat a higher BR player if their stats are more desirable for their class and strategy.


What would make BR change?


If a player changes anything that affects their character, this will affect their BR. This can be done through upgrading skills, putting on/off equipment, leveling up and so on. Please refer to specific game guides for more detailed information.


What if my BR is changed due to modification?


These should be explained in-game guides, official support channels, and/or in the forums. Sometimes BR value for each stat may be reworked slightly, providing a higher or lower BR. Not to worry! If a player's BR has been changed slightly, their stats and overall fighting ability haven't changed in the least. After all, BR is only an overall number of your character power and but it might not tell how well you can always do in a fight.


What if BR is changing due to a bug?


If a player's BR has changed, the first thing they should check is everything that attaches their character: gems, gear, pets, troops, special boosts, and any other things that may affect stats/BR.

And pay attention to the recent modification in-game.

For the dramatic BR drop issue, please provide necessary records of the changes of your BR in the recent days for further investigation.

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