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What could cause lag/loading problems?

There are many reasons why a player may experience issues with lag/loading game features. The most likely reasons are regional DNS issues, low bandwidth, computer hardware, and many other reasons. Whatever the case, we wish to solve connection and lag issues as quickly as possible.

What should a player do if they experience lag/loading problems?

The first thing we suggest is checking the forums. If other players experience the same issues, we want to get a grasp on the volume of this issue. Posting on a created thread about the issue, with any helpful information, can help us a lot.

If the issue isn't widespread, we have some basic suggestions we give to prevent any player-side issues. Please attempt all of the suggestions below to assist us properly:

-Clear your cache/cookies to reset your browsing data. Also make sure you update your flash player!

-Try another browser and a VPN. Players should try multiple browsers and can find free VPNs online.

-Flushing your DNS helps reset the domain cache and gives the lookup a fresh start 


What if those suggestions don't solve the problem?

As those are typical suggestions, they may not help with difficult cases. Below is a diagnostic tool that can be run to gather essential information, ping our servers, and test the CDN. If a player would like to review our policy on privacy of informatioin, please review our Privacy Policy. Players can download the attachment, run the script, and attach the file after it has been FULLY COMPLETED. Please wait for the command prompt to disappear and attach the file when opening a ticket.

Download the R2 diagnostic tool here

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