R2 Coins

What are the R2 Coins?

R2 Coin is the currency of the R2 Games platform, it can be used to purchase in-game items on R2 Games. You can initiate a payment in the platform store or in-game. Just select the R2 Coin payment method to check out.

How do I obtain R2 Coins?

Recharge is the only method to obtain R2 Coins. You can buy them by clicking on the "Shop" button on your account info page.

Where can I check my R2 Coin balance?

Click on your avatar to enter your account info page. There you will find your balance under MY R2 WALLET.

Where can I check my Coin history?

Click on View Purchase History under My R2 WALLET on your account info page to check your R2 Coin history. You will see the balance info of the past year. Click on the Order button to view more detailed information.

Are all in-game products available with R2 Coins?

No. Only some of the items can be purchased with R2 Coins. You can pay attention to the product page.

Can I make a refund after purchasing an in-game item with R2 Coins?


Can I use my Coins to purchase the premium games?

No, this is not available at the moment.