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Inappropriate posts

What is an appropriate post?

One that is on topic to the original post, and follows forum rules.

What is an inappropriate post?

This question can be broken into three parts:

1. What could get edited from a post?

Anything violating forum rules, which can be found here:

-Inappropriate language

-Ticket content

-Private message content (without consent of the other party)

-Personal details such as email, username, password

-Inappropriate images

-Personal images such as real life pictures, screenshots of payment invoices/statements

-"Out of site" links including, but not limited to: Third party software, pornographic content, account 

selling, referrals/advertisement of other games

-Comparisons to different versions of R2Games' games, on external platforms

2. What could get a post deleted?

Posts will be deleted for the following reasons:

-There is too much to edit out (please see above)

-Double posting



-Posts made for pure reason of bumping older posts

3. What would get my thread locked?


Threads can be locked for the following reasons:

-When a thread becomes derailed, usually from players flaming or attacking each other.

-When the issue the thread was created about has been resolved and requires no further discussion.

-When the OP (Original Poster) requests the thread be closed.

-If it is an old thread that has been necro'd without a good reason.

-If the topic is against forum rules, we may either lock the thread or delete the thread, depending on 

the nature of the topic.