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Malfunctioning skill

How can a player check if a skill isn't working properly?

Depending on the skill in question, there are different things a player may need to consider before reporting a bugged skill:

-Are there any passive skills that could alter the questioned skill in any way?

-Could there be a lag issue that could make the skill appear to be doing something different to what 

is described?

-Are other players experiencing the same problem?

-Compare basic skills with the questionable skill

-If a percentage based skill, be sure enough data is collected in a video

What if a skill isn't working due to a bug?

First, test the skill extensively. There are many factors when dealing with damage, such as enemy defenses and special attributes. We suggest testing of the skill, taking into account any possible affects on your side or the enemy's side. If the results show that there may be a problem with the skill, report it to R2Games.

What does R2Games need if a skill is malfunctioning?

Any sort of documentation proving there is an issue with the skill. This may include a video, screenshots, and details as to the mechanics on how it's meant to work, as well as how it is not working. Document any supporting skills, gear bonuses, or talents that will, in any way, affect the skill positively or negatively.