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How can a player tell if there is a problem with troops/pets/heroes/etc.?

-Check game guides available

-Check forums/ask other players to see if they are experiencing the same or similar issues

If a player is certain there is something not right in game with troops/pets/heros/etc, please report to the game forum under "Bugs and Reports" section. Use the search function first to avoid having multiple threads on the same subject.

What if troops/pets/heroes/etc. are changing due to a bug?

After a player has ensured nothing is out of the ordinary, check actual stats. Is there a large decrease in a single stat? Is there a large increase in a less-desirable stat? Checking these factors for 2-3 consecutive days, ensuring everything is consistent, will help weed out and doubt that there is an issue.

If a player's troops/pets/heros/etc have changed dramatically, we ask for documentation of the changes over a couple days, ensuring everything is the same from day-to-day. This means documenting the rise and fall of stats and BR, along with other game factors that could affect them.

What does R2Games need if there is a problem?

Any sort of documentation proving there is an issue with troops/pets/heros/etc. This may include a video, screenshots, and details as to the mechanics on how it's meant to work, as well as how it is not working.