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Missing character

What could cause a character to go missing?

Characters don't just vanish. Character data isn't deleted unless a game has been closed and has been down for a while.

What can a player do to get their character back?

The most common reason for this issue is being logged into a different account. Whether it be a secondary account, a friend logged into their account, or a sibling's account, the most likely cause is not being logged in to the correct account. Another common cause is playing on Facebook, then coming over to R2Games, may in some cases cause a duplicate account to be created.

What information is needed to recover a character?

Facebook can sometimes jumble account info up. It's been known to happen now and then. Whether the issue is Facebook or a secondary account, the procedure from here is the same:

-Make a support ticket and include the name of the characters on the account and what server they were on

-We will follow up with some questions to verify ownership of that account

-Once the security questions have been answered correctly, we will lay out account information to make locating the character easier