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In-game mutes

What could cause a player to be muted?

Mutes may be applied for a variety of reasons. Usually, we provide warnings before applying a mute, except in moderate to extreme circumstances. Mutes can be as little as 30 minutes, up to a week or more. The length of the mute depends on the severity of the infraction, frequency, and where the infraction occurred (forums, private chat, world chat, guild chat, etc.).

Virtually any violation of the Terms of Service can result in a mute. Mutes are often used to send a firm message that the player should adjust their behavior immediately, before harsher punishments are deemed necessary. Mutes are non-invasive, i.e. they do not inhibit the ability to play the game.

Mutes will be imposed for a few typical reasons:

-Inappropriate language



Although these are the typical reasons, R2Games may impose a mute for a variety of reasons not listed above.

What won't cause a player to be muted?

So long as a player is not violating the Terms of Service, there is very little chance of being muted. However, it should be noted that interruption is at the discretion of R2Games.

R2Games will not mute someone for:

-Expressing legitimate criticism

-Expressing frustration

R2Games reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis whether a mute is appropriate or not.

Can a mute be reduced/removed?

Mutes are never permanent. As a mute is always temporary, appeals to have it shortened or removed will not be accepted. Waiting until the mute has expired and correction of the behavior will ensure that no more mutes will befall a character.