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Endless Abyss


After Eudaemons advance to Willpowers, they will discover a new challenge - Endless Abyss. An immensely powerful BOSS can be found there. Shall you try your luck in this place?

[Event Entry]

The Outlands - Titans - Endless Abyss


[Unlock Requirement]

Unlocks after class is knighted

[Panel Introduction]


① Shows current level and the number of BOSSes appearing in the next battle.
② Shows BOSSes on current level (up to 4).
Highlighted icons imply that BOSSes in the icon appear in the current battle. BOSSes sent for battle are selected randomly.
③ Displays Eudaemons that are going to join battle. During battle, players can manage skills for the Eudaemon in the P1 slot. Eudaemons in other 3 COM slots will cast skills automatically. Eudaemons shown in darker shades are sealed and cannot join the next battle. Players can switch Eudaemon icons to change sealed Eudaemons and determine which Eudaemon's skills they want to manage.
④ Players can adjust Eudaemon formation in Willpower settings. Note: Players can only adjust Formation during the first battle of each level. When players click [Challenge], they can choose to challenge manually or blitz after they've passed more than 1 level.

[Gameplay Info]


Players can send 4 Eudaemons to battle at the beginning. Players need to challenge a level 7 times before they enter the next level. Difficulty increases as players proceed. For the 1st-4th challenges, the number of BOSSes increases gradually, from 1 to 4. For the 5th-7th challenges, the number of BOSSes remains at 4, but the number of Eudaemons players can send into battle decreases, from 4-1. For the 7th challenge, players can only send 1 Eudaemon to battle 4 BOSSes.
There are 32 levels in Endless Abyss. Players can use [Blitz] after they've passed more than 1 level.
Endless Abyss resets at 0:00 daily. Players can only challenge Endless Abyss once every day.


Each level drops fixed rewards: Will Gear x1, General/Active/Passive Eudaemon Skill Scroll x1