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New Dimensional War


The land is changing again and with it the Dimensional War is getting revamped!

[Gameplay Info]

Ⅰ. You can access the new Dimensional War from the original Dimensional War entry [City - Mystic's Gate].
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1. Entering the Dimensional War still requires Dimensional Coordinates. (Dimensional Coordinates are the same coordinates from the old version, the source and usage of coordinates has not changed.)
2. The daily resource reduction rate depends on Dimensional Progress. The greater the progress, the higher the reduction rate. Resource reduction rates vary for Dimensions of different levels. You may hover the mouse over the resource amount to view the reduction rate.


3. Energy: Teleporting to a Dimension costs 10 Energy.
4. Dimensional Occupation: When you successfully occupy a Dimension and benefit from it, you will see a chest icon beside the Dimension. If you occupy multiple Dimensions at the same time, you can view total rewards on the right side of the panel. As seen in the image below:

Ⅱ. Dimensional Teleport

You can see your Energy and a [Purchase Energy] button on top of the Dimensional map.

① In the new Dimensional War, the upper Energy limit is 1500. Energy recovers by 50 every 30 minutes and will stop recovering if it exceeds 1500, but you can still buy Energy to increase the number.
Hover the mouse over the Energy bar to view more info about Energy.
② Walking in the Dimension, there will be barriers which you cannot get through directly. Different Dimensions have different barriers that will require various detours. See some of the barriers below:


1. Information about the left side:


Label 1 in the image displays revive times: You have 1 free attempt to revive and you can revive up to 10 times.
Label 2 shows the your Gold Keys and Silver Keys.
Gold Key: Defeat Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Dimension BOSSes to earn Gold Keys used to unlock theGold Portal. (You may find 1 Gold Key/1 Gold Portal in Intermediate and Advanced Dimensions, and 2 Gold Keys/2 Gold Portals in Expert Dimensions.)
Silver Key: Defeat specific mobs to obtain Silver Keys used to unlock Silver Chests. Silver Keys drop in all Dimensional Maps, but only 1 Silver Key and 1 Silver Chest will drop in each Dimension.
Label 3 (Dimension Rewards) shows the Dimensions you currently occupy.
(Click to bring out a panel that shows Dimension Info. See image below:)


Label 4 (Dimensional Map): Dimensional Maps differ depending on levels.
On the Dimensional Map panel, you can teleport to any Dimension that you have occupied.

wartune means you can teleport to the Dimension.

wartune means the Dimension is locked and prevents entrance.

Depending on the level (quality) of current Dimension, a Dimensional Map Tree will pop out when you click the [Dimensional Map]. See image below:

wartune wartune wartune

Note: A Dimension that is linked by a dashed line is a hidden Dimension that you have a chance to enter.
Label 5 (Icon Info): You can check information about icons found in the Dimensional War.
Click it to see the following page:


Information about the right side:


Label 1: This is an exploration map which shows your current position on the Dimensional Map.
Label 2: Current Dimensional Map Info
① Mob condition for current Dimension:
If you haven't eliminated all mobs in the Dimension, you will see:


If you have wiped out all mobs in the Dimension, you will see:


② Ultimate damage mobs in the Dimension deal to you.
③ Daily Resistance, RES Reduction buff bonus and Crystal Shard yield after you have occupied the current Dimension.

Ⅲ. Appendix: Differences between the old and the new Dimensional War
Some of the differences between the old and the new Dimensional War
Old Version New Version
1 Energy Limit: 3000 Energy Limit: 1500 (Energy required for killing mobs has been reduced.)
2 There were dimensional posts and an entry to the next level. Dimensional posts and entry to the next level have been removed.
3 You could receive rewards as long as you occupied a dimensional post. You must eliminate all mobs on the map to receive rewards.
4 No map barriers. Unmovable barriers have been added to the map. You can only make a detour when you come across these barriers.
5 Compared to the old version, the new Dimensional Map is smaller and thus more convenient for exploration. The number of mobs has been reduced and you will receive better rewards for killing each mob.