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Infinity Kingdom Strategy [5] | Immortals
2024/02/27 03:39:08

Ⅰ Attributes

You can click on the Tips button on the Immortal panel to view the attributes of each Immortal. 

Attributes are categorized into Basic Attributes (which include Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Constitution and Knowledge) and Battle Attributes (which include Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Crit, Dodge, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Hit, Resistance, Resilience and the number of the creeps summoned). 

Basic Attributes can be enhanced through Upgrade, Evolve, Promote and by wearing equipment. Enhancing the Basic Attributes will make the Battle Attributes grow in power too. Battle Attributes can be improved through many ways like Evolve, wearing equipment, Research and treasure activation.

Ⅱ Sources

You can obtain Immortal Shards in Valhalla, Arena, Market, Port, Alliance Shop, Mystery Shop, time-limited events and Packs.


In Valhalla, you can perform Normal Immortal Summons with Sage Rubble or Advanced Immortal Summons with Sage Stones.


You can purchase Immortal Shards with Medals in the Medal Shop.


Find Immortal Shards in the Market and purchase with Gems or Soul Crystals.


You can find a small number of Immortal Shards by sailing out on an expedition.


The Strongest Lords event will open from time to time.The players with the highest stage rankings and overall rankings will be rewarded with rare Immortal Shards.You can also obtain Immortal Shards from special events, Relic Battles, and others.


Rare and Epic Immortal Shards can be obtained from VIP Chests, Daily Special Packs and Value Packs.