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Can't post on the forums

What would prevent me from posting on the forums?

There aren't many things that would prevent a player from posting on our forums. Our forums are a place for players to discuss ideas, share their experiences, and stay up-to-date on the latest news.

If you are attempting to access our forums but cannot post, make sure you are logged in with your official account. The main platform account is linked directly to the forums, which means you do not need a separate account for the forums. Click "remember me" when logging in to prevent being logged out should you switch pages or reload.

If you are logged in on the main site and the forums, but still cannot post, this may mean that your account or I.P. address has been banned. The other, rarer example would be if our spam-bot has flagged your post and moderated it. This means that your posts have been hidden until a forum moderator has reviewed it.

Why would an I.P. or account be banned?

An account ban will be instituted in serious circumstances involving real-life threats, severe comment spamming, or other circumstances outlined in our Forum Guidelines. An account ban on the forums is very rare and is reserved for serious infractions only. We do not ban accounts for criticism, frustration, or language violations.

For IP bans, this may mean you were "caught in the line of fire". On some occasions, R2Games will institute a ban on an IP address to prevent a player from creating multiple accounts to spam the forums. This means that if you happen to have the same IP, typically having to do with internet cafes or countries with limited IP addresses, this may negatively affect your experience.

What can a player do to get this removed?

R2Games' forum bans have no effect on other parts of our site or services. A ban on the forums prevents players from posting and contributing to conversations, but only on the forums. If we institute a permanent ban on a forum account, chances are we have tried to reach out and contact the player in question about their behavior. Chances are we will not lift the forum ban.

If an IP ban has been instituted, players will receive a message when they try to log on to the forums stating that their IP address has been blocked by the forum Administrator. Simply file a ticket and include your current IP address so we can investigate and see if we can remove the block on your IP address.