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R2Games Event 01 Great Harvest
Rules: You can claim a gift code every 24 hours.
Please note that you can only claim one code for each game during the event period
(Duration: 9/18-9/22 EDT).
R2Games Event 02 Autumn Gift Pack Fest
8 Ball Master is a real-time multiplayer pool game that features real-life 8-ball and snooker gameplay. Be the ultimate 8 Ball Master!
8 Ball Master
Authentic Pool Experience
Multiple Captivating Game Modes
Ultra-realistic and Thrilling Match-ups
Wide Selection of Tables & Cues
Crystal Saga Idle is an immersive idle role-playing game that combines strategic gameplay with captivating storytelling. Unlock the secrets of the legendary crystals!
Crystal Saga Idle
Choose Your Path Embrace Diverse Classes with Unique Abilities
Ride in Style Harness Mighty Mounts to Traverse Realms
Pets Unleashed, Allies Engaged Forge Bonds with Powerful Pets
Brave the Dungeon Depths Explore Perilous Dungeons
Conquer Challenging Bosses Master Boss Battles for Epic Loot
Mythos Onlie is a free strategy game in which you can lead your warband into battle and build a powerful empire worthy of the gods!
Mythos Online
Begin with a city and turn it into a mighty empire
Win some mind-twisting puzzles and gain some loot
Choose your favourite residence and born the fruits of perfect love.
Study tactics, train warriors, lead them into war in real time
Recruit heroes of Ancient Greece and deploy them in your army or city
R2Games Event 03 Limited-Time R2 Points Redeem
During the event, you can exchange R2 Points for recharge gift packs, limited time only.
Exchange in the "Weekly" section of the Points Exchange Page.
Games Value Points Required for Normal Users Points Required for Monthly Pass Users
8 Ball Master $4.99 100000 50000
Crystal Saga Idle $4.99 100000 50000
Mythos Online $4.99 100000 50000
Dark Odyssey Deutsch €1.99 40000 20000
League of Angels: Pact Français €4.99 100000 50000
League of Angels: Pact Deutsch €4.99 100000 50000
R2Games Event 04 1 Point = 1 Premium Game!
A limited-time selection of premium games for just 1 R2 point are available.
Exchange in the "Premium Games" section of the Points Exchange Page.
Ezaron Defense
Ezaron Defense
8000 Points 1Point
Mulite Sword Man
Mulite Sword Man
7000 Points 1Point
Broken Blades
Broken Blades
4000 Points 1Point
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