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Staff impersonation

What kind of staff does R2Games have?


When playing our games, you may find players state they are official R2 volunteers called Mentors and GMs. Both are there to help answer simple gameplay questions and forward issues to R2 staff. Mentors and GMs are on characters titled R2 Mentor and R2 Professor, respectively, and are there to assist you.


R2 staff may also use these characters to contact you to assist in solving tickets or forum complaints you submitted, usually asking you to log off of your character. If this is the case, we ask that you log off of your character and wait until the inspection has been completed. NEVER RESPOND TO A REQUEST FOR YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION: R2GAMES STAFF WILL NEVER ASK FOR THIS INFORMATION.


What is considered staff impersonation?


Staff impersonations means posing as R2Games staff or volunteers, usually in an effort to obtain someone's login information to steal your account or delete its contents. Below are some examples of staff impersonation we've seen in the past:


-Stating they are R2 staff to ask for username/password

-Titling character name "R2 Mentor" or "R2 Professor" with symbols to replace letters

-Telling other players they work for R2/developers and can get someone "in trouble"


What isn't considered staff impersonation?


Sometimes players will say things to make themselves seem more important, threaten other people, or sometimes it's to deflect a problem at hand. We've seen players state they worked for R2 just so other people will leave them alone!


Generally, if a player says they are a volunteer or work for R2, there shouldn't need to be a report unless there was misconduct. There is no security risk if you do not divulge your personal information, login information, or accept a download link, so if the activity isn't suspicious there's no need to worry!


If a player has R2 in their name, this is not necessarily to make people think they are an R2 staff or volunteer. We discourage this in character names, but if a player is not abusing this to pose as staff or a volunteer, we may decide to not change the name. This all has to do with the owner's behavior and if they are breaking any of our rules.


What if they are a member of R2Games?


If the person really is a R2Games staff member, remember that they will NEVER ask you for your login information. Our staff can log in to your account through direct login methods without the necessity to ask for or change your password. If you have any questions or concerns about a staff member on your account, you can file a ticket under "staff impersonation".


If the person turns out to be a volunteer, we invite you to review our articles on Mentors, GMs, and Moderators to understand their powers and responsibilities. They do not participate in account matters, so there is no reason for our volunteers to ask for your account details. Usually they will check the status of your ticket, help answer some questions, or be a "second set of eyes" if you think you found a bug. . If you have any questions or concerns about a volunteer contacting you, you can file a ticket under "staff impersonation".


What if they are not a member of R2Games/their activity is suspicious?


If you, for any reason, suspect that someone is not affiliated with R2Games or whose behavior appears malicious, do your best to provide us the following details:


-A complete set of screenshots showing the entire encounter

-A description of why you believe this is an example of staff impersonation

-The character name & server of the character in question

-Approximate date & time


After you make sure that you have as much of the requested information as possible, please submit it in-full under "staff impersonation". We will review the provided information and decide if it falls under the category of staff impersonation and make a ruling. R2GAMES STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR LOGIN DETAILS.