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Bug reporting - LoA

What is needed to report a bug for League of Angels?

When reporting a bug, we need a decent set of information to confirm and forward an issue. Please review the necessary information below, attempting to provide all of the information possible:

-A screenshot clearly displaying the issue

-Character information (name, server number, platform if not R2)

-A clear description of the problem

-Bug Classification

If your report does not include all of the abovementioned information, it may be hard to identify an issue and therefore may be difficult for us to fix. 

Where does this information go?

Players can post this information in-full on the Bug Report Mega-Thread. If the issue has already been posted by another player, please refrain from double-posting on the Mega-Thread. Each bug report should have an accompanying thread: a place for other players to post their information in support of the problem, discuss, and hopefully receive an update on the issue. If there is no link to a supporting thread, try the "search" function to see if a thread has already been made.

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