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Email verification

What does verifying my email do?

When creating an account, players are asked to enter an email. Entering an email address upon account creation does not mean that an email address has been verified. Verifying an email address provides an extra security measure in the case that log-in information is forgotten, an account is stolen, or any other unfortunate mishap occurs which prevents players from logging in. It is highly encouraged to verify your email address at the first opportunity.

If an email is not verified, you will be unable to receive promotional emails, some purchasing methods may be unavailable, and you may not receive emails to retrieve your account or reset your password. Verifying your email is incredibly important and we encourage every player to bind their email A.S.A.P.

Changing the email associated to an R2Games account.

If your email address hasn't been verified (you can tell because it won't say "verified") then you can change your email by deleting what is written in the field, typing your new email address, and clicking "verify". You will receive a confirmation email and after clicking the link, your email will be verified.

Changing an email if the email has been verified.

R2Games does not offer a way for players to change the email address once it has been verified. This prevents players from having their account permanently stolen and ensures that an account will always have a way to be recovered. We will not process any requests to have an email address removed from an account.