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Log-in problems

Why can't I log in with my account information?

In order to properly assess log-in problems, some simple solutions may help in identifying the problem. As a precaustion, we advise players to first check the following:

-Login email is correct

-Password is correct

-There are not any "phantom spaces" at the end or the beginning of the email or password

-You are trying to log into the correct account?

-Have you recently changed your email?

I confirmed my account information is correct. What now?

If you've re-checked your log-in information, you can open a ticket to get some help. We will have a set of security questions to ask before we feel comfortable changing/divulging details about the account in question. If the questions are not answered properly, then we may refuse support in recovering the account to avoid any unauthorized access or theft.

If the questions are answered properly, we will assist with any problems encountered when logging in. Should account details need to be changed, such as passowrd, we would first ask the player to do this manually first. This ensures that the owner of the account is the one changing information.