What is harassment?

There are many different types of harassment, including:

-Verbal Abuse


-Creating multiple accounts or changing names to mock or insult another player

What is not harassment?

Types of behaviours that could seem to be harassment, but not serious enough for R2Games to take action may include:

-In-game attacks

-Being "rude"

-Private messages without violating our Terms of Service

-Following another player in game

The best way to deal with a player who is "playing by the rules", but is still unsettling, would be to put them on block/ignore and cease responding to any of their communications. We cannot ban someone for being unlikable, so we suggest alternate methods to avoid this kind of harassment.

What about "spamming"?

If it is possible to block/ignore a player doing this, this is most preferable. If the spamming via private message or game chat includes any of the above (verbal abuse), this is unacceptable and needs to be reported. Multiple invites (where applicable) may be annoying, however since it is a game feature, it is not considered an actionable type of spamming.

What can R2Games do about it?

Our reaction will be based on the severity and frequency of the issue. We lean towards not banning players for harassment, but prefer warnings and mutes. In severe cases we may implement bans.

We ask players to document any example of harassment thoroughly and submit them to R2Games for review. Upon review, we will come to a conclusion based on the behavior, the frequency, and the history of the infractor.