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Contact outside of R2Games

Can players communicate with each other on a third party site?

Any contact between players outside of the Site of Services is at the player's own risk and without any involvement of R2Games. We do not encourage or enable users to communicate with other users outside of the Site or Services, and as such accept no responsibility for any result therefrom.

R2Games also explicitly discourages giving out personal contact information in the form of real names, age, birthdate, email, address, or other personally identifiable information, i.e. information that enables a user to find/contact someone.

What if a player gets harassed on another website?

If a player is the subject of harassment on a third party service, such as their email, Facebook, or other private websites, they should contact that website's administrator or legal staff. Many websites have a "report abuse" button or features to hide or prevent abuse.

What can R2Games do about third party communication?

R2Games is not liable for communications outside of the Site or Services. We do not control or monitor other websites, and therefore cannot act upon or verify any abuse, harassment, or inappropriate conduct outside of the Site or Services. We cannot use evidence obtained from outside of the Site or Services; these reports should be made to the administrator or legal staff of the relevant website or service.