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Inappropriate language

What is considered "bad language"?

Generally, we consider a language issue serious if it is:

-Racist, sexist, or bigoted comments towards any one demographic

-Divulging of your personal contact or financial information

-Excessive use of offensive swear words. We generally ignore "crap", "damn", "stupid", "noob", or 

similar terms.

We cannot take action against characters for minor infractions, and people have the right to conduct themselves in the manner in which they choose. This means that our rulings must be based on the rules outlined in our Terms of Service and our reaction must be appropriate for the infraction. We cannot prevent people from being "rude", opinionated, or competitive. Some players will choose to talk trash.

Thoroughly document examples of bad language. If a situation arises where a player requires R2Games to assist, having a complete record of the situation will help us understand the situation and come to a conclusion.

What will R2Games do about bad language?

Our reaction will be based on the severity and frequency of the issue. We lean towards not banning players for language infractions, but prefer warnings and mutes. In our experience, encouraging players to settle issues between themselves without our interference produces the best results.

In severe cases, we may implement bans. Issues of sexual harassment, especially with minors, may result in permanent bans. We do not tolerate these infractions and they will be sternly enforced.

What can a player do about bad language?

The best reaction to bad language is ignoring it. Inappropriate language is generally used as a way to negatively grab attention, and responding will only fuel the fire. If the infraction is not severe or frequent, using the "blacklist" or "block" feature, or simply ignoring communications, are highly encouraged.

If this does not prevent bad language, politely asking the player to remain polite produces great results! Unfortunately, some players do swear and we encourage players to separate un-directed swearing from directed abuse

If the infractor continues to use inappropriate language after ignoring the issue and politely asking them to stop, the player's responsibility is done. This is where documentation comes in: having a complete record showing the steps to avoid conflict and the player's infraction makes the ruling easy. Any example of using inappropriate language or harassment to "get back" at the infractor will be seen as instigation and is frowned upon.

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