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Server merge

What information is considered in a server merge?

When reviewing a potential server merge, there are many factors to consider including, but not limited to:

-Total server population

-Daily active users

-Server age

-Collective and individual character strength



No one factor is more important than the other, so a multitude of factors must point towards a merge rather than a single factor.

We DO NOT merge servers from one publisher with another publisher's servers. EX: If an R2Games server is ready for a merge, it will ONLY be merged with another R2Games server: these servers won't be merged with Armor, Kabam, Kongregate, or another publishers' servers.

When will a server merge take place?

Each factor is important to consider when contemplating a merge. If daily population is low, but there are no other servers in that timezone ready for a merge, a merge may have to wait. If a server has a low daily population, there are other servers in the timezone ready for a merge, server age is similar, and character strength is consistent on both servers, a server merge is very likely.

What will players get during a merge?

Typically accompanying a merge, compensation and/or merge-specific events will be released. These are intended to compensate for the server downtime and will help players power up against new enemies. These can be found in the News and Events section of the game forum.

Along with merge-specific rewards, each server will see a revitalization of activity, a booming population, and an abundance of players to play with. This means new friends, higher guild population, and better competition. No one likes a dead server, so server merges really help the player!

Can a player request a server merge?

Server merge requests are generally not considered. In very rare cases requests have been used to produce a merge, but these are in extreme circumstances. There are so many factors that go into considering a server merge that we must consider the overall health of the game above a single server.

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