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What's the R2 Perks?

The R2 Perks is a place where can give fantastic Perks and Gift Packs back to the community! All you have to do is remember to login to the R2Games website or R2Client, and keep logged in to win!

7 different Gift Packs

Starter Gift Pack, Leveling Gift Pack, Bling Gift Pack, Elite Gift Pack, Mega Gift Pack, Deluxe Gift Pack, Lvl 100 Gift Pack

5 awesome Perks

Medal of privilege, BBS post priority privileges, closed priority game, game testing, platform activity priority right of experience

How do I play?

Whenyou login to the R2Games website or R2Client - or play any R2Games game - you'll level up your R2Level. The higher your R2Level, the better your Perks are. So stay online, and reap those bonus rewards!

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