Event Duration: 10/19/2015—10/23/2015

Event Description:
1. Complete daily tasks and additional tasks to obtain Lottery Tickets. (Note: additional tasks may only be done once every 5 days.)
2. Lottery Tickets can stack up, but players need to use them before 24:00 (EDT) on the fifth day of the event.

Do more tasks and get more Lottery Tickets!

Tasks tagged "D" are Daily tasks; tasks tagged "A" are Additional tasks. Additional tasks may only be completed one time every 5 days.

The more Lottery Tickets you get, the higher your chance to win a prize.

LOTTERY TICKET[LOGIN]View winning record>

  • Hat

  • Game Pack $80

    Gift pack
  • iPad mini 4

  • Game Pack $50

    Gift pack
  • Power bank

    Power bank
  • T-shirt

  • Thank you!

  • Game Pack $20

    Gift pack

Lottery Ticket Rankings

Real Time Lottery Record

Lottery Time: 20:00 - 22:00 EDT on the fifth day

Note: You should meet the following 3 requirements during the 5-day event to be eligible for drawing the mystery prize, [LOGIN] to see if you're eligible to draw the big prize
1. Invite 5 friends to register an R2 account;
2. Share links to R2Games sites on Facebook up to 5 times;
3. Participate in the platform survey.

1. R2Games does not account for any quality issue regarding prizes, or after-sale services for prizes excepting the delivery fee.
2. R2Games will not divulge any personal information from players.
3. R2Games reserves the final right to interpret how this event is managed.