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EVENT TIME:03/22/2018-04/04/2018. Returned players must meet the following requirements * No login activity for 15+ days. * Level 55 or above. * Have a 30,000+ Battle Rating. * Have no record of abnormal orders.



Welcome back - Make New Friends Now!

Your newly created character in the new server will receive the following rewards:

Balens equal to a certain percentage of your recharged amount.Bound Balens equal to a certain percentage of your recharged amount.Massive item rewards.And of course,you are free to choose to stay in the current server to obtain great rewards and privileges!It is totally up to you.
Happy gaming!

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Invite Friends to Return - Login Bonus

Create a Referral Code by clicking the left button below and share the code to an old player (who has been offline for 15+ days). You will be rewarded after your friend follows your link and logged in by clicking the right button below.

Successfully invite 1 player to return to the game

Successfully invite 3 players to return to the game

Successfully invite 6 players to return to the game

Successfully invite 10 players to return to the game

Gold x500K,Tattoo Engraving Stone x20,Willpower Warpath Crystal x30,Willpower Resistance Essence x30,Willpower RES Reduction Essence x30,Smelting Stone x50,Polishing Orb x50.

Gold x1M,EXP Talisman x250,Smelting Stone x100,Will Gear x100,Key of Will x20,Polishing Orb x100,Rookie Summoner Card (4th).

Gold x3M,Essence of Zeus x50,Smelting Stone x350,Polishing Orb x150,Bound Balens x500,Cast Stone x100,Franken Rabbit x1,Expert Summoner Card(4th) x1

Gold x8M,Essence of Zeus x100,Polishing Orb x300,Sylph Soul Orb x300,Symbiosis Stone x100,EXP Talisman x500,Master Summoner Card(4th) x1





Create Referral Code
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1 Each inviter can be connected to multiple invitees. Each invitee can only be connected to one inviter.

2 Any player can invite others, including the invitees themselves. Players can get rewards by inviting players to return. They can also receive rewards by joining a new server or returning to an old server.

3 During the event period, the relationship between the inviter and invitee is irreversible once connected. The connected relationship will be automatically canceled at the end of the event.

4 To avoid any loses for you, please claim your code as soon as possible. The event is in effect as long as the event page exists. R2Games reserves the right to interpret how this event is managed.


QWhat should I do if I forgot my account name?

AYou can use your email address as your account name. If you haven't bound your account to an email, please use another account to file a ticket.

QWhat should I do if I forgot my password?

AClick here to retrieve your password, or log in using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live account.

QWhat should I do if I forgot which server my character is on?

AGo to the official R2Games site and log in. Hover the mouse over [Wartune] and then click the mouse icon, it will take you to the last server you played on. If that is not the server you used to play on, please click here to file a ticket.