Contact customer service to receive your rebate (or rewards) after the end of the event. Please refresh the event page after recharge to receive the most up to date benefits.

1.Recharge Rebate Rules: Reach the cumulative recharge requirements to receive rebate.

recharge $200-$499 30% rebate

recharge $500-$499 50% rebate

recharge $1000+ 100% rebate


2.Reward of Your Choice Rules: Recharge at least $2,000 in total during the event and you'll get a reward of your choice in-game. (Only one reward per player during the event.)


3.You Are The One Rules: : The player who recharged the highest amount by the end of the event will be given 10X Rebate! (When there is a tie, the player with the higher platform level wins, and if they are tied with platform levels, the one who recharged first wins)


1. During the event, the obtained packs will be sent to players by code, please use the code to exchange for packs in-game. Find your pack code in the pack exchange record.

2. Players who obtain a Recharge Token, please send a screenshot of the Token and your platform ID to Customer Service:, to obtain your recharge reward. Recharge tokens can be used on any browser games (except LOA,LOA2,WT) on the platform.

3. Included games: CS,CS2,THC,DPS,SHB,MYH,DBO,SOD,LS

4. R2Games reserves the right to final interpretation of the events and rules.

5. For the same game, the same type of code can only be redeemed once by each character.