Event Time: 22/6/2017-24/6/2017

Event details:

  • Participate in the events or finish the specified quests.
  • Get Recharge Tokens and awesome game packs.


1. Each player has 1 spin attempt per day.

2. Players can get rewards from corresponding areas by spinning the roulette.

3. Share the event page to Facebook and obtain an extra spin attempt.

4. Recharge $4.99 or more to obtain an extra spin attempt.

5. Spin attempts will be reset at 00:00 (EST) every day.

6. Wartune, League of Angels, and League of Angels II are not included in the pack token drawing.

7. Dragon Pals is not included in the roulette event.

* Note: You still have 0 spin attempts.

* Share the event on Facebook to get more attempts.


1. Select a game you want to get a reward pack from before starting.

2. Click the Jump button on full speed so that the little “R2” man can reach to the peak in 13seconds.

3. Different packs vary in value, the shorter the time you spend, the better the pack will be.

4. Each player has 2 attempts per day.

* Select a game you want to get a reward pack from:


EVENT 03: Lucky draw!

1. Select a game, and click the “Start” button, gift boxes will rain from the top of the page, lasts 10 seconds.

2. Click on “Open” Gift Box for a chance to obtain Recharge Tokens or packs.

3. Each player has 1 attempt per day, attempts reset at 00:00every day.

* Select a game you want to get a reward pack from:



1. During the event, the obtained packs will be sent to players by code, please use the code to exchange for packs in-game. Find your pack code in the pack exchange record.

2. Players who obtain a Recharge Token, please send a screenshot of the Token and your platform ID to Customer Service: http://www.r2games.com/support/, to obtain your recharge reward. Recharge Tokens can be used on any games on the platform.

3. Included games: STH, THC, DPS, LOA, WIN, MYTH, SOG, WRT, DBO, COA.

4. R2Gamereserves the right to final interpretation of the events and rules.